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Calling the Police Can Get You Evicted

Across the country, a growing number of cities are adopting nuisance ordinances that impose fines and criminal penalties on landlords and tenants when the police are called too many times to the property. In Milwaukee, Wisconsin, landlords may be fined if the police are called to the premises three or more times within 30 days. While the stated goal is to deter crime and recoup costs, these ordinances endanger domestic violence survivors, particularly women of color.

Property nuisance ordinances can take a variety of forms, but generally impose fines or other sanctions on building owners and tenants when the police are called to the premises a certain number of times, or where certain offenses are alleged to have occurred on the property. Under these ordinances, the only practical way for an owner to abate the “nuisance” and avoid a penalty is to evict the resident who called the police or whose home was the site of the alleged offense.

These ordinances present two very serious problems for women who experience domestic violence or stalking, two crimes that often occur in one’s home: They may prevent victims from calling the police when they are endangered by an abuser or stalker, and they may result in housing discrimination against victims of domestic violence.

The government is so against doing police work that they will fine anyone who distracts them from their donuts.  Tax dollars hard at work.

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Those Central Park Bike Speeding Tickets Are Being Cancelled


The NYPD, having made a mistake, is being classy about it… According to the NYCC forums and Gothamist (and now The New York Times), police officers have paid a home visit to each of those who were ticketed and have personally apologized, letting them know that the tickets are void and no one has to go to court. 

It is unclear who ordered the 15-mph speed trap, but it is now dunzo.

It’s good to see that a lot of people care. You are all excellent neighbors to have.


My only complaint is that this behavior seems rather the exception than the rule.  Nevertheless, Bravo.

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Louisiana police don’t have any right to tell you you can’t walk onto a public beach (even to, as Esman puts it, “roll around in sticky gunky tar that I’ll never be able to get off—if I want to, that’s my right”). However, they do have the right to mislead you about who they’re really working for. In Louisiana, as in many places, it’s legal for police officers to wear their uniforms regardless of whether they’re acting in an official capacity or working for a private corporation. Which is why Andrew Wheelan, the environmentalist mentioned above, was unaware that the cop who pressured him to stop filming a BP building and later pulled him over so that a BP official could question him wasn’t on duty at the time. The Terrebonne Parish Sheriff’s Office told me that the deputy who pulled Wheelan over is just one of 40 in the parish who are working for BP on their own time. And the BP-police collusion goes beyond uniformed deputies moonlighting. In nearby Lafourche Parish, for example, the sheriff’s office is filling 57 security positions a week for BP; the shifts are on the clock, and BP reimburses the sheriff’s office for them.

Cops are for sale in this country.  Don’t you feel safer now?

Mother Jones

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A new U.S. Senate bill would grant the president far-reaching emergency powers to seize control of or even shut down portions of the Internet.

Senators propose granting president emergency Internet power | Politics and Law - CNET News

Oh Hai there, China.

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First Amendment?  What First Amendment? I don’t see no First Amendment.  Hey Vito, did you see a First Amendment here?

   -   I didn’t see no First nothin’.

Nope, no First Amendment here.

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Adrian Schoolcraft you are my Hero


The village voice reported on taped conversations about various practices of the NYPD. Here’s the brief version:

 - One cop took a tape recorder to work.  To protect himself from legal liability while interviewing      suspects.

 - He recorded daily “roll call” meetings with supervisors talking about fudging police reports to make crime statistics appear to drop.  (They don’t get counted if the crime is misrepresented, or the report is not taken, etc.)

 - He recorded the meeting where he reported all these things to the NYPD.

 - They illegally dragged him out of his house and locked him away for six days in a mental ward against his will.

It’s going to take more cops like Adrian Schoolcraft to straighten out all that is wrong with our justice system.  People willing to go against the grain to do what is right.  Cops might hate him, but every American should love this man.  Buy him a beer, send him a thank you letter, or put him in your blog, but get the word out and show some support any way you can.

Thanks for reading, have a truly blessed day in a country that’s a little bit more free.

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