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If your Mac has recently been attacked by malware, it's probably because of Apple's growing popularity.

For Apple this might just be the price of success. The truth is, Apple doesn’t have any magic potion that protects its machines. Rather, Macs have enjoyed something techies called “security through obscurity,” meaning there were so few Macs out there that hackers didn’t bother to target them, preferring instead to go after Windows PCs, which represented 95 percent of the market.

The Walled Garden crumbles…

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Instead of having to upload your thousands of MP3s, iTunes may be able to simply check your (much smaller) database file and recreate it online using a central repository of music (in other words, no huge uploads). The technology wouldn’t be new — Lala, which Apple acquired in 2009, was doing that years ago. It’s just a matter of hammering out the deals with the labels. And really, I can’t imagine Apple launching a service that tells its users to sit back and wait a couple of days. Instead, you’ll fire up the new version of iTunes, check a box saying you want your iPhone and iPad to have access to all of your content, and bam — users won’t have to learn what an online locker is, their stuff will just be where they want it.

Without The Labels, Google’s Music Locker Service Will Look Like Apple’s Ugly Sibling. Again.

This is the difference between companies that build solutions or platforms and companies that build experiences. Google and Facebook and Amazon can’t figure out how to compete with Apple because they don’t know how to build experiences… just solutions and platforms and systems.

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You misspelled brainwash.

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