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“The thing about this that I would emphasize is that slavery remains a problem for originalists. If America was born pure, then it cannot have had slavery. So if your vision is to return the US to the 1770s, you have to find a way to argue that slavery was not inherent in the Founding. And this is the best Bachmann can do. At least it gives her some answer to the question.

For her, America was born in freedom for all and Fundamentalist Christianity. It was born instead in the Enlightenment, slavery, the subjugation of women, and rebellion against the Crown. That is far too complicated a thought for Bachmann to absorb. It would require her to ask questions, even to doubt the immaculate conception of America.”

- Andrew Sullivan, with a seemingly obvious, yet pitch-perfect response to Michele Bachmann’s defense of her claim that the Founding Fathers “worked tirelessly to end slavery.” Watch her appearance on “Good Morning America” in the video above.

It should also be noted that Bachmann’s final comment in the video clip, stating that John Quincy Adams played a role in the founding of the country as a young man, is absolutely false. Adams celebrated his 9th birthday one week after the Declaration of Indepence was signed. He first became aware of the document after reading a letter from his father to his mother, penned during the Second Continental Congress in Philadelphia. 

He must have been one hell of a nine-year-old to have played such an important role, in the founding of our country, from his childhood home ~300 miles away.

It’s just… I mean, I just… ummm…. this is going to be a loooong ass election season. Uff da.

I can’t believe I’m writing this on behalf of this idiot, BUT the original draft of the Declaration of Independence was an accusation of the violations of human rights against the African people by the British Crown.  The document had to be changed against the better judgement of Jefferson (despite the fact that he owned slaves) because it was deemed impossible to prosecute a war against the Crown without the money and manpower that could only be gotten by an alliance with the wealthy, slave-owning, planter elites of the southern colonies.  Despite Bachmann’s stupidity, Jefferson actually did try to free the slaves.

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